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Rufford Primary School

Specialist Teachers

We employ specialists to teach sport, computing and aspects of the arts. This means children have the opportunity to participate and excel in all areas – academic, artistic, technical and sporting.


John, our pianist, comes to school on Fridays and all year goups have a singing session. Choir practice also takes place on a Friday and sometimes the children perform for parents in assembly afterwards. During the year the choir sings at various events including the Christmas Concert and local schools' Music Festival.

Dave teaches drumming on alternate Wednesdays through out the year. All classes take part and finish their set of sessions with a performance in assembly.

All children in year 4 have the chance to learn a musical instrument (either flute or guitar). If they wish they can carry on learning in years 5 and 6 and join the local 'Area Band'.


Jay, a professional dancer, works with classes on Wednesdays. He links the dance style to the children's topic work with impressive outcomes.


Mrs Simner, a Primary Computing Teaching and Learning Specialist works with classes every Thursday. We have an impressive computer suite plus laptops and Ipads in school and through Mrs Simner we have access to a wide range of specialist resources.


Mr Deacon, a PE specialist, visits each Monday. He teaches fundamental sports skills centred on the ABCs of physical literacy Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and 2. He also runs a sports leaders course for Year 5 children during lunchtime, as well as offering a range of after school activities including basketball, athletics and cricket.