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Rufford Primary School

School Improvement Priorities

We are always trying to improve as a school and every year we write a School Improvement Plan. Our key priorities are summarized below. If you would like to know more or discuss this further, please speak to either Mrs Tones, Miss Gilman or Mrs Forrest.

Learning across the curriculum is maximised because leaders have a deep and accurate understanding of their subject’s effectiveness, informed by evidence

We want all our teaching to be as good as possible. In order to achieve this, teachers need to be knowledgeable about their subject and clear about what is taught well already and what needs to improve. Through training and timetabling opportunities to work in other classrooms we are prioritising this. 

Teaching is constantly improving because leaders create a climate where teachers take ownership and are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate

Teaching at Rufford Primary School is good but we want it to be outstanding. This will only happen if teachers are confident to try new things to improve pupil outcomes. We are working on a programme called FED (Future, Engage, Deliver) designed to develop leadership at all levels.

Pupils are equipped to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and wider society with a particular emphasis on aspiration and cultural awareness

At Rufford we work hard to ensure our pupils are 'well rounded' citizens. We think we do this well overall but we feel more could be done in two areas. Firstly, we want our pupils to 'reach for the stars' and are trying to improve their awareness of the opportunities available to them in the future to help them reach their potential. Secondly, most of the children at Rufford come from a white British background and we want to improve their awareness and understanding of other cultures.

Pupil progress is swift because teachers make maximum use of lesson time and all children work hard. They check pupil’s understanding effectively and offer clearly directed support and expectations of next steps throughout lessons

Time is precious in school and there are a lot of things to teach. We want to make sure teachers maximise the opportunities for learning in the classroom by using the best approaches possible. This links with our previous target about ownership and will be addressed through training and the FED programme.

Pupil learning is enhanced because homework is done by lots of children and is motivating, challenging and prepares them for learning to come.

We think when homework is done well it really enhances children's learning. We want to make sure the homework we offer engages children and their families and has maximum impact. Additionally the habits they develop at primary school will go with them to secondary school, college and university, where they will need to be very self-motivated and independent.

Pupils will have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe online and the danger of mobile technology and social networking sites

We are very worried about the things pupils tell us they are doing online. We want to ensure that they and their parents have a clear understanding of how to stay safe online.

Pupils understand and demonstrate the behaviours and attitudes necessary for success in life and are thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and wider society

We have introduced a new values system in school, which brings together all the key attributes we think children at Rufford need to live and work successfully in the 21st Century. We are working hard this year to ensure they are fully embedded, understood and worked towards.

Confident, Ambitious, Determined, Honest, Caring, Respectful and Curious.

Pupil conduct reflects the school’s effective strategies to promote high standards of behaviour

Behaviour at Rufford Primary is very good. This is because we regularly revisit and discuss our systems. As the school continues to grow in size we are considering whether any developments or changes are required.

The progress of disadvantaged pupils continues to improve towards that of other pupils with the same starting point

Since the school opened seven years ago, standards have risen every year and are good. However, careful analysis of data from exam results, attendance statistics and lateness shows that many of the children entitled to Pupil Premium funding do not do as well as other children. Pupil Premium children are those that have been entitled to free school meals at some time during the last 6 years. We are determined to improve the life chances of all children and have a number of plans in place.

Click here to read a full copy of the School Improvement Plan