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Rufford Primary School


Children should attend school every day. We give lots of rewards for good attendance but we also take swift action as soon as attendance drops below 90%.

The table below shows the impact on learning of time off school. If you are not sure how ill your child is send them to school and we will monitor them closely and contact you if we think they need to be taken home. We will administer medicines in school as long as a form is completed.

Holidays in term time are not allowed except in very exceptional circumstances. Unfortunately we have had to fine some parents this year so please make future bookings in the school holidays. The dates are on this website and are available from the school office. The government is determined that children’s school attendance will be as good as possible and so they have raised the threshold for persistent absence from 85% to 90%. This is the point at which the educational welfare officer will become involved and again you may be fined.



Learning lost each year

Learning lost at primary school


2 weeks learning lost

Over one term


4 weeks learning lost

Over two terms


6 weeks learning lost (half a term)

Over one year


8 weeks learning lost

Over one year and a term


10 weeks learning lost

Almost two years