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Rufford Primary School

Key Safeguarding Staff

Keeping children safe is the most important thing we do in school and making sure children are protected from harm is the responsibility of everyone in the school community. Safeguarding covers lots of areas in school so we have a Safeguarding Team that meets regularly to make sure we keep on top of everything.

The members of this team are

Mrs Tones – Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mrs Prout – Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Wood – Senior Learning Mentor

Ms Stocks – Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Radford –Senior Office Administrator

Mrs Tones – Head Teacher

The Head Teacher is ultimately responsible for all safeguarding in school. Mrs Tones has in depth training and is a qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead. She also has qualifications that mean she can train other staff in school about safeguarding and child protection. In terms of direct work with children and families she is always part of more serious cases where the Local Authority’s social care department is involved.

Mrs Prout – Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Prout coordinates all our work around children with special needs. She works in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mrs Prout is also a trained counsellor and runs ‘Time to Talk’ sessions with a number of children (parental consent is always obtained).

Mrs Wood - Learning Mentor

Learning Mentors work in schools to help improve children’s behaviour and wellbeing and remove barriers to learning which may be in the school or home. Mrs Wood is our Learning Mentor. She is very keen to support as many families as possible. Her base is in the classroom next to the staffroom and she is available each morning from 8am until 9am on a ‘drop in’ basis (other times by arrangement). Mrs Wood works with children who are experiencing difficulties either emotionally or behaviourally (or both). Sometime she works with individuals and sometimes with groups and in a range of ways. So if you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour or wellbeing do not hesitate to contact her and she will give you advice, find answers for you or sign post you to someone who can help. 

Sometimes it may be parents who need advice and support, again Mrs Wood can help or point parents in the direction of other agencies in the local community who will be able to help.

Ms Stocks – Parent Liaison

If you are interested in volunteering in school Ms Stocks is the person to see. All volunteers receive training and sign a Code of Conduct. Ms Stocks also supports adult students in school working towards Teaching Assistant qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant Ms Stocks can give you lots of advice. She is also a trained Roots of Empathy programme leader. This programme is designed to help children understand their own and others’ feelings better and therefore reduce aggression and bullying. These sessions involve a real baby and research evidence shows them to be very successful. Ms Stocks also runs our popular ‘Pathways to Nursery’ sessions so make sure you come along on Thursday afternoons if your child is starting nursery soon.

Mrs Radford – Office Manager

Mrs Radford ensures all the essential paperwork is complete and up to date such as risk assessments, training and of course the checks that must be undertaken for people who want to work or volunteer with children. She also links with the site manager (Mr Atkinson) and school business manager (Mrs Bryan) to ensure health and safety is managed effectively.