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Rufford Primary School

English - Spelling

Subject Leader - Miss Holmes

At Rufford we understand that good spelling begins with good phonics.  Once children have completed their phonics study (during Year 1), they move on to No Nonsense Spelling.  This scheme runs throughout the school.  It encourages children to recognise the words which they personally need to learn to spell and encourages them to apply their spelling learning in all their work.  As well as personalised spelling lists, children are taught the statutory word lists and common exception words for their year groups.  Weekly spelling tests act as a way of reminding children of the importance of knowing how to spell these words and also helping children and teachers to recognise which words individual children know how to spell and which they still need to work on.

Statutory spelling lists

As part of the national curriculum, the government set out specific words that children must learn before they leave certain key stages. Please find the following statutory spelling lists for both Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.

Year 3/4 statutory spelling list


Year 5/6 statutory spelling list