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Rufford Primary School


Subject Leader - Miss Coleman


Here at Rufford Primary and Nursery we have a committed Eco-council who meet every half term. Together, we discuss ways we can make our school even more eco-friendly as well as things we could do to help the local community. A pupil from every class from year 1-6 is elected as an ‘Eco’ representative for the school year. We are incredibly proud to say we have achieved our Bronze Eco Schools Award and are well on our way to achieving Silver. The Eco council have made brilliant changes this year, including but not limited to the following:

  • Regular meetings
  • Raised the awareness of environmental issues and easy ways we can help
  • ‘Eco busted’ the teachers to see who is wasting the most energy!
  • Created an action plan with targets personalised to our school
  • Introduced a recycling bin in the staffroom

We believe that it is important our children feel empowered to drive change and improve their ecological awareness, whilst giving back to the local community.

Within the Curriculum

Although the Eco-council take the lead in meeting our Eco targets, our learning about the environment does not stop here. At Rufford we have embedded learning about the environment into our creative curriculum, to allow all of our children the opportunity to understand the changes taking place in the world.  This starts in our Early Years Foundation Stage where children begin to learn about the world around them. As the children progress into Key Stage One they begin to look at how they can help sea creatures and look after their local environment. In Key Stage Two the children look at both the positive and negative impact humans have had on the environment, drawing on a particular focus of carbon foot prints and climate change in Year Six. As the children progress through the Key Stages, they are able to gain a deeper insight into their own actions and the impact it has on the world around them. We believe by educating our children about these problems, we are providing them with the opportunities to be the change.