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Rufford Primary School


At Rufford, we believe a great curriculum...

  • Is underpinned by aims, values and purpose

  • Develops the whole person – knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes

  • Is broad, balanced and has clear progression in disciplinary & substantive subject knowledge and skills

  • Is filled with rich, first-hand purposeful experiences

  • Is flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests

  • Embeds the principle of sustainability

  • Has an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens

  • Encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom

  • Makes meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and the major issues of our time

  • Has a local, national and international dimension

Curriculum Aspirations at Rufford Primary & Nursery School

  • To encourage children to grow as individuals and to make a difference to the world as caring and thoughtful citizens.

  • Developing a ‘Learning to Learn’ culture where children are proud of their achievements and strive to better themselves.

  • Priority given to embedding non-negotiable English and Maths skills through meaningful cross-curricular links.

  • Rich reading experiences including classic and contemporary texts.

  • Themed topics that appeal to children and which create a broad and balanced learning experience or ‘Learning Journey’ by making links between knowledge and skills in different subjects.

  • Awareness of the skills developed through different subjects and how these skills are important when working towards a career aspiration, eg. to be a scientist.

  • Giving children an opportunity to share their prior knowledge about topics and to ask questions.

  • A WOW activity to ‘hook’ children into each topic and spark their enthusiasm.

  • High profile use of computing and technology to enhance and support learning and as a tool to communicate and share ideas and information.

  • Extra-curricular opportunities to enhance learning through work with artists, a pianist, workshops and specialists – both in and out of school.

  • Opportunities to take part in visits, trips and to welcome visitors into school in order to experience activities, cultures and beliefs outside of their own life experience.

  • Opportunities to work towards a final topic outcome which develops a range of skills and attributes. Each child should have the chance to take part in a range of outcome-focused projects throughout their school career:



  • Take part in a performance / assembly / play / poetry recital
  • Show work in an art exhibition
  • Take part in a musical concert as a performer (singing/playing)
  • Design a useable product for a purpose
  • Use IT to produce a written publication
  • Make a difference to the world
  • Learn about and experience looking after a living thing (plant or animal)
  • Use IT as a way to communicate/express themselves, eg. programming / blogging / controlling something they have made
  • Experience trips and visitors for each topic
  • Cooking for a purpose, eg. a banquet for parents/the community/making a product to sell
  • Enterprise – the opportunity to raise money for the good of others
  • Participate in team sports and play competitively



  • Opportunities created to raise awareness of what is going on in the world, both at home and overseas, eg. through use of Espresso News.

  • To take part in Themed Weeks and days to extend the breadth of learning and ensure curriculum coverage.

  • Creative Homework which includes cross-curricular opportunities for independent learning and for parents to be involved in their children’s learning.

  • Assemblies which enhance learning and promote the curriculum aspirations: PSHE and citizenship links/learning about famous musicians, artists, scientists / keeping children informed about world events, festivals and cultures

  • After school clubs to enhance learning and to provide further opportunities for a wider range of experiences.